Patient Info

  • What is endodontic treatment?
  • Why would I need an endodontic procedure?
  • What are the signs of needing endodontic treatment?
  • How does endodontic treatment save the tooth?
  • Will I feel pain during or after the procedure?
  • Endodontic Procedure
  • How much will the procedure cost?
  • Why do I need another endodontic procedure?
  • What will happen during retreatment?
  • Is retreatment the best choice for me?
  • How much will the procedure cost?
  • What are the alternatives to retreatment?
  • What are the alternatives to endodontic retreatment and/or endodontic surgery?
  • Why would I need endodontic surgery?
  • What is an apicoectomy?
  • Are there other types of endodontic surgery?
  • Will the procedure hurt?
  • Can I drive myself home?
  • When can I return to my normal activities?
  • Does insurance cover endodontic surgery?